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Srushti Paryavaran Mandal is working towards the cause of nature and wildlife conservation. Based in Nagpur, central India, the organisation works actively in the surrounding districts, concentrating on wildlife and environmental issues. What began as a few passionate individuals from different walks of life working towards a common goal, has grown quickly into an environmental protection stronghold in that region. 

It is working to protect the forests, wildlife and bio diversity, and to raise awareness and establish ties to like-minded groups. Srushti is not only working on the environmental protection front, but is breaking down socio-cultural barriers in cities as well, by initiating tree plantation and conservation programs which includes school and college children, working professionals, corporate companies and also bridging the governmental bodies with different working groups and NGO's. We want to set a true example of the success that grassroots movements can achieve.

Being Nagpur based, we have been undertaking various short and long-term benefit projects, in and around the Protected Area of Nagpur Wildlife Circle. Our projects range from prevention of forest land diversion, wildlife protection, water conservation, conservation awareness drives in villages, reforestation & plantation programs, and wildlife rescues etc

Our regular activities include

  • Prevent deforestation and loss of migratory corridors. Habitat loss is one of the biggest threat faced by wildlife in India today.
  • Prevention of conversion of forest land for non-forest purpose. ( such as mining, dams, highways).
  • Reforestation drives with the help of schools from forest fringes. Control grazing, save traditional migratory corridors etc.
  • Regular patrolling drives to check and curb illegal activities in and around protected areas.
  • Initiate contacts and imbibe environmental friendly practices in villages.
  • Water conservation through construction of under/over ground mud dams to check soil erosion and revive water table in habitats.
  • Patrolling areas with tiger presence outside PA and assisting habitat development in those areas.
  • Revival of natural water holes in & around protected area, to avoid agricultural losses and minimise man-animal conflicts.

Specific Activities
Bor Wildlife Sanctuary: Since 2005, Srushti in association with Pench Tiger Reserve office of Maharashtra Forest Department has been working on over all development of Bor Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a very important satellite core for Pench tiger reserve. For more information [click here]

Extension Plan of Bor WLS: Srushti also did a small survey to around Bor WLS to understand and mark the connected forest area. Based on this survey, we had prepared a map of area with ideal habitat and minimum human presence, which was connected to Bor Sanctuary. Using this as a based, Srushti with Forest Department has proposed an extension, which can be added to the existing sanctuary area. The proposal is under consideration and we are hopeful of a positive outcome. For detail [click here]

Rehabilitation of Tiger Cubs : Srushti, along with Forest Department is currently raising 3 tiger cubs, with a intent to release them back into the wild. These cubs were found abandoned near Ganeshpipri village, in South Chanda Division, Chandrapur. On Srushti's insistence the rehabilitation project was taken up and we were asked to assist and fund the project. To know more about the project [click here]

We have also been working actively in the city since the beginning. Restoration of green cover, preventing pollution of lakes and water bodies, organising awareness drives and events such as Bird Race etc have been our focus within the city. Recently, Srushti with conjugation with others NGOs and local Municipal Corporation have taken up a project of preparing as EAI report for the city


campaign for wildlife

Srushti has constructed Stone masonry dams inside Bor sanctuary to arrest water flow on smaller streams. This has increased the water table in local area. To know more about this project. [click here]

Campaign against Adani Power Ltd. at Lohara, near Chandrapur

When Srushti Paryavaran Mandal started working at Bor, we realised that water the prime essential for conservation was not up to the mark. Lack of funds was the main reason for this. Srushti undertook the repair work of handpumps and water bowls inside the sanctuary within a year the thing began to change. To know more about this water conservation program [click here]


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