One of the first project undertaken by Srushti was at Kolshidoh, at Bor WLS. Kolshidoh was one spot inside the sanctuary, where a natural water hole provided water to wildlife till the end of Feb. The strata being rocky and full of fishers, the underground current of water was able to sustain a doh (water body)only till the last week of February.

From preliminary study, it was concluded that arresting this underground flow of water would help sustain the water hole for some more time. Suitable sites were located up stream from the doh and a series of 4 underground mud damps/barriers were created to stop water from flowing off.

Four trenches of 6 feet deep, across the 16-20 feet width of the stream were dug. These trenches were filled up with non permeable compact black cotton soil. The soil above the ground level were lined with soil filled bags and stones to strengthen it further. This also helped the bund from being swept's across by strong water current.

The water hole or doh as it is called in local language was dug up and desilted. Gentle slopes were cut across its side to easy animals approach till the water. The whole exercise took 4 days of work and was completed across four sundays.

Results were better than expected. Since the construction of these 4 earthen dams, water hole is able to sustain wildlife till the month of April. Plus the area around the doh remains greener than before, providing foliage for ungulates.


Last year, the lowest earthen dam was replaced by a stone masonry concrete structure. The structure was raised above the ground to collect the run off water also. The structure now has a huge water storage capacity and is frequently visited by the top most predator - tiger



Similar Stone Masonry dam was constructed in PF area near the sanctuary. This area is regularly used by animals to migrated to neighboring forest areas around Bor. The dam was constructed with the help of local MLC, who had funded the project. A small completion ceremony was held at the dam site along with the local Forest officers, MLC and nearby villagers. The villagers were educated about the importance of such water bodies for wildlife and how this would prevent the wild animals from raiding their field in search of water.

campaign for wildlife

Srushti has been raising 3 tiger cubs, along with Maharashtra State Forest Department, with a plan to rehabilitate them back into the wild. The orphaned cubs were found in South Chanda Division, 25 kms from Chandrapur city.Currently the cubs are kept in huge enclosure in natural surroundings, away from any human contact. To know more, on how you can help Srushti in this project [click here]

Campaign against Adani Power Ltd. at Lohara, near Chandrapur
Coal Mining by Adani Pwer

Srushti Paryavaran Mandal took the initiative & was instrumental in form a platform “Ekjoot” which successfully lobbied against a proposed coal mining project near Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. To know more about the campaign [click here]


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