Srushti, essentially is a volunteer's organisation. People from different professional backgrounds have come together to do their bit for nature. No member draws any type of remuneration from the organisation. Everyone offers his or her expertise as and when needed without charging any fees. As far as possible, outside expertise is sought through mutual or personal relationships on a no-strings attached basis without burdening the organization.

Field trip, travel, survey work is carried out by members at their own expense. Administrative work, or most of the communication is take care by volunteers on personal levels. So unlike in other bigger organisation , where quite a bit of their resources (at times up to 40%) have to go in administration and communication, in Srushti 99.9% of the donation is utilised right on the field work.

Most of the work in Srushti is carried out by the members themselves voluntarily. Each member works to his/her individual capacity and time, with specific aim to conserve wildlife, environment and in-turn nature of a larger scale.

If you think, you have a similar thoughts and willingness to work towards this cause, we welcome you, to join us. Kindly download the below linked form and submit the same, duly filled at our office. We will guide you through the rest of the procedure. There is a small yearly fees to cover basic day to day office expenses.


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campaign for wildlife

Any person living in Nagpur would know the huge banyan tree that has mark the Ambazari T Point, for last 150 years. Unfortunately it started to dry out due to garbage being dumped around the base. Srushti took up the project to revive this tree and has also undertaken some grafting work around the trunk. To know more about the project [click here]

Campaign against Adani Power Ltd. at Lohara, near Chandrapur

Srushti has been raising 3 tiger cubs, along with Maharashtra State Forest Department, with a plan to rehabilitate them back into the wild. The orphaned cubs were found in South Chanda Division, 25 kms from Chandrapur city.Currently the cubs are kept in huge enclosure in natural surroundings, away from any human contact. To know more, on how you can help Srushti in this project [click here]


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