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Srushti Paryavaran Mandal is a Non Profit Making, Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) established in 2005 with the objective of working towards the cause of nature conservation. Based in Nagpur, central India, the organisation works actively in the surrounding districts, concentrating on wildlife and environmental issues.

At Srushti, our ideology is based on three words; Sampark, Sahabhag and Samvardhan. These words form the basic working style of any project we undertake. Sampark (meaning contact) is to establish contact with the locals or people concerned with the issue. Sahabhag (meaning to join or to contribute), is to come together, understand and confront the cause and finally Samvardhan (meaning conservation) is to preserve or restore the apposite. We believe, this ideology makes us work in a more disciplined and transparent way. 

Central India offers one of the best forest landscapes in the country. This forested green belt extends from the Satpuda range in the north, down till the Godavari basin in the south. Nagpur lies in epicenter of this area and fortunate to have several wildlife sanctuaries and 7 tiger reserves in 250 radius periphery. One can beyond doubt say that Nagpur is located right in the middle of the tiger land of India.

Being Nagpur based, we have been undertaking various short and long-term benefit projects, in and around the Protected Area of Nagpur Wildlife Circle. Our projects range from prevention of forest land diversion, wildlife protection, water conservation, conservation awareness drives in villages, reforestation & plantation programs, and wildlife rescues etc. We have also been working actively in the city since the beginning. Restoration of green cover, preventing pollution of lakes and water bodies, organising awareness drives and events such as Bird Race etc have been our focus within the city.

Recently, Srushti with conjugation with others NGOs and local Municipal Corporation have taken up a project of preparing as EAI report for the city.


campaign for wildlife

Any person living in Nagpur would know the huge banyan tree that has mark the Ambazari T Point, for last 150 years. Unfortunately it started to dry out due to garbage being dumped around the base. Srushti took up the project to revive this tree and has also undertaken some grafting work around the trunk. To know more about the project
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Campaign against Adani Power Ltd. at Lohara, near Chandrapur
Coal Mining by Adani Pwer

Srushti Paryavaran Mandal took the initiative & was instrumental in form a platform “Ekjoot” which successfully lobbied against a proposed coal mining project near Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. To know more about the campaign [click here]


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