We has been active in this region for more than 10 years. As individuals in the very beginning, then as a group of like-minded people and since 2005 as a registered Organisation. Activities at Srushti range from small awareness campaigns to mass protest to save bio diversity. Even on individual levels members of the organisation are active in animal rescue, water conservation, awareness and educational activities.

Few of the activities carried out by Srushti;

1] The top most threat to Indian forests in recent past is deforestation and one main reason for the same is conversion of forest land for non forest activity purpose. (e.g. mining, dams, industry). Srushti has taken a serious cognizance of the fact and has been protesting against such activities. [Projects]

2] Adopted of an degraded area for over all conservation through water & landscape management and socioeconomic development of nearby areas. Srushti has been working jointly with the Maharashtra Forest Department Nagpur Circle to undertake such activities.[Projects]

3] Reforestation drives through plantation with the help of schools from forest fringes. Educating villagers and controlling grazing, saving the traditional migratory corridors etc. has been one long term activity with Srushti. [Projects]

4] Few members have done some remarkable work in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Some carried it on their personal levels, which some activities were carried out by the organisation. [Projects]

Other activities includes;
•Regular patrolling drives to check and curb illegal activities in Protected areas.
•Initiate contacts and imbibe environmental friendly practices in villages.
•Construction of under/over ground mud dams to check soil erosion and revive local water table
•Patrolling of areas with tiger presence outside PAs and assisting habitat development in those areas.
•Revival of natural water holes in & around protected area, to avoid agricultural losses and minimise man-animal conflicts.
•Building series of underground bunds, earthen dams, construction of waterholes (bowls) in and around PAs.
•Responsibility and arrangements to fill up waterholes using vehicle during 4 dry months of summer.



campaign for wildlife

Srushti has been raising 3 tiger cubs, along with Maharashtra State Forest Department, with a plan to rehabilitate them back into the wild. The orphaned cubs were found in South Chanda Division, 25 kms from Chandrapur city.Currently the cubs are kept in huge enclosure in natural surroundings, away from any human contact. To know more, on how you can help Srushti in this project [click here]

Campaign against Adani Power Ltd. at Lohara, near Chandrapur
Coal Mining by Adani Pwer

Srushti Paryavaran Mandal took the initiative & was instrumental in form a platform “Ekjoot” which successfully lobbied against a proposed coal mining project near Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. To know more about the campaign [click here]


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