Bor Wildlife Sanctuary is located 65 km from Nagpur on the boundary of Wardha and Nagpur districts. Located in water scarce region of Wardha District, during peak summer season (i.e. from 3rd week of April till 2nd week of June), the availability of surface water is scarce. With the sole aim of conserving perennial water sources for and making it available throughout the summer, Srushti had taken up the cause of water conservation and water management there.

Preliminary study revealed that implementation of proper conservation techniques would help in recharging of existing water holes through ground water recharging. Improving existing water bodies and construction of new water holes by collecting/storing rainwater with the help of dams, would also give desired results. Thus to achieve our aim, we had planned to undertake few of the following activities –

  • Deepening and widening of existing natural water holes.
  • Constructing of concrete water bowls.
  • Deploying water tankers to fill in water in bowls.
  • Constructing check dams along natural water streams

Deepening and widening of existing natural water holes.
There are natural flows of water in the sanctuary area. Surface water is available in these flows for nearly 5 to 7 months. To extend the water availability in these flows by another couple of months we had selected few locations where water flow meanders or forms a pool in the river bed. Geologically these locations are also rich deposits of salts and offer excellent location as natural salt licks. There are enough indications that animals visit these locations for salt licking. Deepening and widening the stream’s bed at this location helped us to tap the water undercurrents and surface water availability was further extended.

Constructing of concrete water bowls
At few selected locations in the sanctuary area, we propose and constructed concrete water bowls. These were 20-30 feet in diameter, with a very gradual slope of about 2 feet deep in centre. These areas are low lying and are nearby the water flow. Most of the bowls were located in the vicinity of a Hand pump, which was used to pump in water in the Bowl. Man power was deployed with the help of forest department to pump water into these bowls daily.

Deploy water tankers to fill in water in bowls.
High land areas, where ground water could not be arranged through nature means of handpumps were marked out and concrete bowls were constructed with the help of donors. These places were filled up using a tanker with a capacity of 5000 ltr. During the 4 months of peak summer season, when water was all the more scarce throughout the park, the same tanker was used to fill up water throughout the park. Every morning the tanker would make 3-4 rounds filling up 5-6 bowls every day. Each water bowl in the sanctuary was filled up to the brim every 3rd day. This activity has show a remarkable difference in the park for last 3 years.

Constructing check dams along natural water streams
There are natural flows running through sanctuary area. These flows are full during rainy season and they discharge entire surface runoff out of the sanctuary area, thereby keeping the surrounding area high and dry in summer season. To tackle this Srushti constructed series of check dams across these flows, out of the naturally available material. These check dams minimised the surface runoff during rainy season and maximised the rainwater penetration into the ground. Higher penetration of rainwater resulted in better recharging of underground water sources and water holes in the surrounding area. These check dams also reduced the velocity of the flowing water, thereby reducing soil erosion to a reasonable extent.

campaign for wildlife

Srushti in collaboration with Nagpur Forest Department, territorial Division had conducted a survey on water bodies, in the buffer zone of Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra. The survey was intended to locate, inspect, analysis and report all the water bodies inside the buffer zone of the park. To know more about this project [click here]

Campaign against Adani Power Ltd. at Lohara, near Chandrapur
Coal Mining by Adani Pwer

Srushti Paryavaran Mandal took the initiative & was instrumental in form a platform “Ekjoot” which successfully lobbied against a proposed coal mining project near Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. To know more about the campaign [click here]


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